Karma Royal Resorts karma royal resorts cheating innocent visitors coming to goa


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I am a victim of their traps and have already paid up rs.40000. On dated 26/3/2018i along with my wife and children went for vacation to goa in last week of march18. There on the street of condolim, one of their agents approched us with scratch cards in hand. While mine said”better luck next time”, my wife got a free assured gift among a dvd player, i pod, $100 and a free holiday stay. For claiming the gift we were taken to their resort where we were surprised to see people queuing up for free prizes. When our turn came, we were taken to this guy who must be a sales person of the company who gave a presentation on their pruduct for more than two hours. Intially i was reluctant, but this guy was so good at saling his product, he finally convinced me to go for their membership giving some discounts. I did ask for some time to think about it, but it was their 24th aniversary (!) and offer was valid for that day only. So i decided to go for it. I had to sign some agreements. I paid rs.40000 there vide contract no. Rihc2/260318/774ch and invoice no. Nga/2017-18/613 dated 26.03.2018 in the name of anil kumar. Another rs.37500 is to be paid in next month. Then monthly installments to sum up total of rs 3.6 lakh as membership fees which is valid for 15 years. Annual maintenace fees of around rs. 12500 (Which will increse with time) to be paid every year.

I didn’t found the offer vary bad, so i went for it. But after coming back and searching the web, i have read many complaints on many sites about this company.


I am at a fix what to do now. Rs. 40000 will be lost if i withdraw now because it is nonrefundable. What should i do now as i want to withraw the refund may be given to me.

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