Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation [KSRTC] — glass door missing


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I am traveling from Gadag to Laxmeswar from your bus no. KA 26F 890 at 8.15 am from Gadag, . Wide ticket no. 101928. Bus was not having 2 window glasses. At seat no. 22-23 reserved for senior citizens. When I questioned conductor she told I have informed depot management to fit glass., but they did not take seriously. I even asked for blankets, she says.

Because starting 4 rows occupied by passengers, but back side all childrens ladies and kids where struggling to travel in this chill climate.

I hope you officers get privileged bus and seats to travel, but normal passengers give full money and pay for your mistakes, or taking it granted. Or not travel by ksrtc bus because you get cars for your family. But poor people struggle to pay even your hiking prices every now and then.

So kindly make it right for even common passengers.

Hope God gives you good knowledge to correct system.

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