Life Insurance Policy Regarding commission and Bonus on policy


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I have received one call from Insurance customer complaint. They asked some question such as whether you was giving any benefit of commission on yearly and whether you are getting bonus by company, where your insurance cum investment policy mentioned with ID no of borrower. They said that if your insurance policy is mentioned with ID no of borrower, then the yearly commission and bonus is automatically gone into borrower account. If we want to convert exciting policy into Borrower ID to self ID no then we have to invest single premium of Rs. 30000 in DLF self policy and after 45 days Rs. 32300 is provided back to us and we will get unique ID no . The previous policy ID are converted from Borrower ID to self ID.After getting this ID no, all the new policy are covered under this ID.

Kindly confirm whether the above facts is true or not.

The contact person is Himashu and Mukesh and contact address is 3th floor, Somdatt Tower, sector 18, Nodia,

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