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Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Same drawback. a way to contact therewith company they’re not replying to my mails and not providing any operating contact range. My membership no. Lsm-1860. i’m aiming to lodge a criticism against this company. however before lodging fir, i need to consult here please guide American state once reading reviews on google maps and justdial i’m obtaining disquieted concerning my cash too.


I am aiming to file criticism of cheating below section 415, 419 & 420 of ipc. All they need done is that the false commit commitment false guarantees.

They are no continue what they aforementioned or told. No concrete set up not clear. i want refund of my 20k. i’m following up to kind the problem and contemplate this as all i want is my refund shortly.


Now i will be able to not leave them they’re going to need to pay consequences of cheating.



Poonam rane

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