Likizo Services Likizo services is fraud: I actually have paid 47500 rs


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During the proposal of membership on a pair of Oct 2017, govt was projected {a vacation|a vacation} arrange however thanks to my personal uncertainty regarding use of holiday arrange, I actually have rejected his proposal and so he had projected American state below services as a region of membership for two years (24 months) within the value of rs. 47500.


1) monthly dinner (Dinner aforesaid hotels by American state or hotels steered by likizo services)

2) monthly grocery voucher (Rs a thousand dmart voucher)

3) 5-6 yearly event passes

4) and addition half-dozen day and seven night for yearly vacation at intervals Asian country.


Because it’s dinner and grocery voucher definitely are going to be helpful on behalf of me on monthly basis. thus I actually have united and purchased this arrange. currently these items aren’t properly served on monthly basis and asking time for this.


And when few months, they aforesaid that dmart has stopped the grocery voucher in order that they can do compensation in money at my checking account with my agreement. however they ne’er done it.

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