Likizo Services request for refund of money.


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I received call that i got selected as a winner in lucky draw coupon which i filled at d – mart at katraj.

Company representative says collect your gifts from our baner office, pune.

When i went there, they explained their promotional plans to me and without giving time to discuss with my wife or check anything on google they forced us to buy their membership service for which i paid rs 50000 by using my hdfc credit card and 50000 by using my sbi credit card. My policy number is lsps#h928.

Now as per their saying, whatever the processing fee for both credit card will be paid by likizo. But still 9.03.2019 i did not receive the credit card processing fee nor any refund.

I am continuously taking mail & telephonic follow up with the customer care person but no any strong action or reply from them.

I want all my money back as these are not trustworthy and no any future service will be assured by the company.

I am very fed up with these people and services.

Please help me to bring my money back.

During joining the scheme was explained by rahul deshpande.

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  1. Sorry it a private answer.

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