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I have been charged AN quantity of Rs. 55, 224 on my LinkedIn Sales Navigator account 

I have started the account from trial basis for a month and would really like to require monthly subscription also. Yesterday, I actually have received SMS from my bank stating that AN quantity of Rs. 55, 224 are subtracted on account of LinkedIn for a year. this is often not acceptable the least bit, I actually have no plans to require yearly subscription for an equivalent and my cash got subtracted with none data or email.

LinkedIn ought to make sure from consumer before deducting any quantity. a minimum of some intimation ought to be there from your aspect.

Rs. 55, 224 isn’t atiny low quantity, My EMI is due during this week that I actually have unbroken this quantity, that has been subtracted with none data and furthermore, I don’t need yearly service.


Kindly refund my entire account as I don’t would like any yearly paid subscription for skilled account.

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