Lion Dates personal restricted — Spoiled dates provided to Markets


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I have purchased five hundred gram seedless  dates on twenty one.06.09 from SAFAL DAILY contemporary, Whitefield, Bangalore. The dates are given to my female offspring getting on nine in addition as I too consumed on twenty two.06.09 night. On 23.06.09 she had innate reflex and fever. we tend to were scrutinizing why she had explosive innate reflex and fever and will not notice the explanation.

On 23.06.09 night my married person opened the Date fruit box to produce Maine some dates and located that heap of worms and insects within the box. we tend to came to know that the spoiled dates area unit the explanation for my daughters health issue.

On 24.06.09 ( nowadays morning) I actually have taken the box to SAFAL DAILY contemporary and explained the standard issue of the dates. The stores manager checked all the boxes and every one the sealed boxes were found with insects and worms. this is often not solely found in five hundred gram seedless  box and it absolutely was found totally different types of packages. All the boxes area unit with within the validity amount. you’ll be able to phonephone and verify the knowledge from Safal market.

I have taken photograph of the insect and video coverage of the insects found within the box for proof.

Details of purchase :500 gram of seedless  dates purchased in SAFAL DAILY contemporary on twenty one.06.09.

Packed on : Gregorian calendar month 2009


NET WEIGHT : five hundred gram

BILL DETAIL:Bill no : A8606


SAFAL DAILY contemporary

No 6714, Khajisomenhalli village, Whitefield route, 99,

Whitefield, metropolis – 560 067

Immediate awarness to tend to public concerning this to avoid health problems to the customers because of LION DATE’s spoiled product provide to plug.

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