Madras University – Department Of Counseling Psychology — not issuing certificate for paper presented in conference


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I had attended a Psychology conference in Madras University from 1st to 3rd March 2019.


I had enquired well ahead on time, and asked if I could present two papers at the conference. It was agreed and I was also confirmed that I would receive two certificates for presenting two papers.


The abstracts of both my papers were printed in the ‘Book of Abstracts’ and I was also given two schedules to present my papers.


However, towards the end, only one certificate for one of my papers was issued.


Right from the day, I have been following up through mails, calls and messages. There had hardly been any response, and at times when there was a response, I was informed that it was ready, and how I would collect it. However, there were no responses after that too. Finally, yesterday, I have been sent a mail informing that the Vice Chancellor had denied issuing two certificates for a candidate.


If that was the case, the organizers should have checked and responded to me when I had enquired…not after I had spent my precious time in preparing the paper and presenting it, and following up for several weeks now.


This is truly disheartening and unacceptable.

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