Mahindra And Mahindra — delay in delivery


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


An order for Scorpio S9 molten Red colour was placed on 28-Feb-2019 through M/S United Automobiles, Faridabad-Haryana. (Cont. person Mr. Rohit Gupta [protected]). There is no confirmation on delivery date yet.


Initially a delivery was confirmed with 15-20 days of order. Upon further query on 14-March-2019 it has been informed that vehicle would be dispatched from Mahindra plant not before 29th March, without a confirmed delivery date still.


That makes the delivery date for customer of about 6-8 weeks which is way above than what was promised initially. This reflects lack of transparency from a customer standpoint.


Please enquire and share details of the reason for such a large gap.


A email reply would be much appreciated.

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