Mahindra Finance — ecs unnecessary emi deducted and not credited loan account


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I manohar shende. Take morgage loan

My loan account number is 2360794.

My ecs due date is 5 th every month. But your bank deduct amount in my account twise is 8411/- and not reflect in my loan account. Fist deduct 1/1/2019 is 8411/- and 1/03/2019 is 8411/- similarly.

But this amount not credited in my loan account. And my emi amount is 4059/- and how to you debit 8411/- as well as this amount not credited in my loan account.

I complain arvi mah cc branch. But he can’t solved my problem. Also i give proof to her. Manager name. Mahesh choudhari..

Please give action quickly. Otherwise i take action. I will register police complaint of your bank

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