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I took a supro mahindra mini van on my mother name in may-2018 and this vehicle we took on loan from same mahindra finance, after 10 month continuous payment on time my vehicle installment, i want to settle the loan amount for that many times i follow up to mr. Kaushal (Totally unprofessional guy) who is working in chhapra mahindra finance from 20 feb 2019 to till today but he is just replying very simple e. G tomorrow morning, monday, wednesday even he don’t want to reply properly still i am waiting for settlement amount so how much i need pay to close the vehicle loan amount.. I am nri working in qatar doha,


Science starting from may 2018 when i went to take the vehicle his behave is totally unprofessional and rudely, even he don’t know how to talk to customer, but i was just ingraining it but now its over and i hope mahindra finance team will take some investigation about his behavior with customer.


I am totally unhappy with chhapra mahindra finance team, nothing is called professional there.. If mahindra will keep like this employ to deal with customer trust me maximum people won’t visit next time.

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