Maxim Health Pro Ltd Fraud loan company


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This is ALBERT PRABHU from Chennai. My story also same as like above. First time I god the call ([protected]) from CENTECH CORP they said about their company profile, insurance, investment and loan details.

And gave me their tie-up company’s detail (JSR Clubs and Resorts, Maxim Health Pro Ltd).


Here I believed them words, then they got my address from me and I gave 30, 000.00rs Cheque to their concern collection person with my documents (But I have transferred the amount by Internet banking). First time Rohini ([protected]), she in only take care my all loans and then Vetrivel ([protected]) he called me as a Loan department person and verified my all documents detail.


From my amount transferred date, they attend and called me a lot of time. From Diwali there no one is picking my calls. Last Wednesday (25/11/2015) I doubted and called to some numbers, Same number of Nisha (Loan Manager number) Vickram (New person) he picked my call and said that their branch in Ashok Nagar (Mentioned in their website) was closed us have newly purchased this number by yesterday and now them supporting SRI RAM Finance for Loan.


Yesterday (26/11/2015) I tried from another number as a new person (Mani), then they gave me a new ICICI A/C to transfer that amount. Vickram, Sathish and Ashlam these are the new fraud. And also contact mentioned address building owner, he said “he is also needs 2months rental payment and current bill amount”.

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