Million Business Solutions Pvt Ltd — Fake Loan Company (Biggest Scam Ever)


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I got an mail for loans @ 5% P.A, wondering i called the person. One female Priya verma picked up the call and enquired her on the loan,

she said it is a Lap loan and will be paid in 7 days @ 5% interest PA,


i asked her the procedure and she said that i need to provide her my documents like Bank statement, Latest Salary Slip, ID proof i sent these documents through e-mail attachment, she said i have to pay file charges of Rs.8000 to be deposited to ING vyasa bank in the name of Million Business Solutions Pvt. ltd. and i deposited Rs.8000 in kotak

Next day she called me and given lawyer mobile number that the same lawyer is coming to bangalore to check my financials and all that

lawyer – jagjit Singh, Delhi

After all the verification he said we will sanctions 2 crore to you.


After 2 days I got loan sanction letter for 2 Crore in the letter they had mentioned i have to pay document changes of Rs.480500 -/-, i called her immedeately and she said it is refundable amount, i deposited Rs.480500 as documentation changes which is refundable to same Beneficiary called Million Business solutions Pvt Ltd. / ING vyasa Bank S/B Acc No[protected]

deposited the amount in ING account on 3 or 4th January 2016,


Next day Mr. Eijoj Khan called me that we have to signed the bond paper for verification.

So he send some documents legal notary 50 rs stamp Signed all the documents and duly signed by all the parties and it is written that Million business solutions pvt Ltd. Will sanctions 2 Crore to Me. After all that formalities they said they will disbursed the amount in next week till 13 or 14 Jan 2016.


Till 14 th Jan 2016 they are picking up my call but now they never picked up my call and never ever reply to issues.

Its really a big lost for me. Approximately 5 lac is very amount money for person like me (Middle class) please help me

Please help me !

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