Unlimited Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. — fake loan company, biggest fraud online company..


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Very biggest fraud online loan company, don’t go in this site..

If you paid amount of inr 1500 for the registration you i’ll get the all response from the company, but after that you paid amount of inr for to continue the loan process, he give you the mail for pay amount of inr 7670 for the loan process, if you paid of inr 7670 after that you can’t get any information from the company, and you can’t get also refund from the company.. And no one give the response…

I’m lose the amount of total inr 9170 for the paid of registration and loan process, but now i call after that he said you can’t get refund amount from the company..

So please don’t paid to company..

And any one know about this company please give me help…

Srikanth Merugu 5 years 0 Answers 165 views 0

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