memory card – 64gb and 128gb complaint


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I have a trust on consumer complaints forum that can resolve my issue that i am facing since last few days.


I purchased a combo of micro sd cards of 128gb and 64gb

On dated 17/11/2017 with order no 9145 of rs 799 that shown on this link “…⇄

But when i was received this package from courier boy on dated[protected] then this package contains one 128gb memory card and one pen drive of 64gb instead of memory card of 64gb. And the packing was so cheap that clearly shows the products are fake.

When i am trying to test those products with my pc then only for 4gb of data i need to wait for 2-3 hrs with transfer speed of 200-300kbps. And most surprisingly thing is that both product are corrupted.


This is worst transfer speed of data between any devices but website shows the transfer speed of 100mbps. That means the product are not genuine and does not meet the feature specified on website and this type of selling of products make people fool and company have intention to make a money with this type of fraud scam.

I write a return request mail on each day after receiving this package to website support mail”” but they cant reply me.

I wrote 5-6 mail till now but no any reply from them.

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