Moneytap money tap via rbl fraud


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I applied money tap loan for emergency purpose – 50k for emi 36 month (Interest 16 thousand)


1st stage – 35 % loan approved after received messgae.


2nd stage – money tap via rbl credit card compulsory 3000rs annual if not ok means loan cancel. Emergency purpose i agreed.

My loan is 80% approved.


3rd stage – money tap via rbl medical policy compulsory 12000 rs annual if not ok means loan cancelled.


I request put insurance for amount of 50000 but they not agreed they sales credit card and medical insurance plan.


Loan amount – 50000


– credit card – 3000

– medical policy – 12000

-processing fees – 500




I discussed rbl customer care and recorded also – finally he cancelled my loan due to medical policy not taken.


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