Mr binu james fraud person never trust THE PUTHEDAN HOLIDAYS


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Please dont trust him & also dont give any single amount of money to him.

Please customers dont make any package with this puthedhan holidays.

They are a big bloody cheaters.

Their only job is to fool customers and make money out of it.

They will promise to give good packages will also show photos and all the stuff but when you will reach at your destinations no bookings will be there & when you will call to this bloody people they will not reply to you & fool you.

All the money they will take & give you fake bookings and show fake things of your package.

So please guys never go with Puthedhan holidays.

This is one of the most cheated travels in south India.

We have got very bad experience Mr. Binu james bloody cheater has took our 1,20,800/- rs.

Please do not do any bookings.

Binu james phone number is 09739400200.

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