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Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .





With utter shock and disbelief i’m penning this mail to you. 


I have just received your Company letter No. 20RB01NAA0686 dated twenty six June, 2019 intimating that my claim for policy Number   for Rs. 31, 881/- has been approved for Rs. 11, 493/- only. The letter conjointly provides reference of some letter dated fifteen June, 2019 putative be written by your Company to American state that i want to produce original cheque to change your company to remit funds to my account.


While I acknowledge a part of your communication(s) to be true, i’m appalled to receive higher than letter that contains whole bunch of lies in all probability with the intention to deny my lawful claim. The facts of the case area unit as under:


I had submitted my claim on twenty nine could, 2019 through my Insurance authority as i used to be unable to maneuver owing to my immobility thanks to plastered leg. Ack of constant was provided by your workplace.


As there was no communication from your workplace I requested my Insurance authority to follow up. At that stage i used to be verbally well-read through her that following original documents were needed by your office:


a) Echo Report with film, 
b) Ankle/Leg Report.
c) EKG Graph

d)Original Prescription from Doctor dated 07 & 08 could 2019.


Please note that each one these follow up were through the Insurance authority World Health Organization had been taking all pains to be a bridge between underwriter & TPA. My enhances to her. There has not been any communication from your workplace as mentioned in your letter below reference.


4 i used to be well-read verbally through Insurance authority on thirteen June, 2019 that some papers weren’t found within the claim submitted by American state. I intimated her that each one original documents were submitted together with claim documents. I sent a letter through Insurance authority intimating that each one documents are submitted to your workplace together with form. i used to be well-read over phonephone that some original documents amounting to regarding Rs. 5, 000/- (Approx), weren’t on the market in records. i used to be then given your contact variety and email ID. On my call, you confirmed that some original reports weren’t traceable and that i got to write you a mail that deductions towards documents not traceable is also established. As this was to facilitate my quicker claim settlement and my inability to maneuver and check the records, I sent the substantiative mail to you in honestness with the clear understanding that Rs. 5, 000/- (Approx) are going to be subtracted from my claim . The contents of my mail sent by American state area unit as under:


QUOTE “I had undergone Surgery for tantalum Repairs at Fortis Hospital. Bills for ulterior living accommodations treatment were submitted and acknowledged vide receipt variety

ACK   dated twenty nine.05.2019.


I am well-read that a number of the bills/reports don’t seem to be on the market on records submitted by American state.


As mentioned, i’m not during a position to maneuver thanks to surgery and maturity, I authorise you to deduct connected bills and clear bills at the earliest. I desperately would like funds to continue my treatment”. Unquote


In response to my higher than mail, I got the subsequent mail from your workplace on fourteen June, 2019.


Quote “Your case has been medically approved & is in any method.”Unquote


While i used to be expecting credit of claim i used to be another time verbally communicated through my Insurance authority that i want to relinquish Associate in Nursing official document that Capt. S. N. Suri and Surendra Nath Suri area unit the one & same as there was a twin in my policy and checking account name. constant was provided by American state on twenty one June, 2019. once continuous follow up i used to be intimated by a message received from AX-NICLTD 

AND these days I even have RECEIVED YOUR LETTER DATED twenty six June, 2019.


Please note that deduction of a large quantity of Rs. 20, 388/- that quantity to Rs sixty fourth of bills isn’t acceptable to American state. I, therefore, demand a computing of your claim settlement and pay American state the lawful claim with none any delay .The bill in question is Associate in Nursing interim bill and final bill on completion of treatment are going to be submitted in due course, that has to be settled as submitted., PLEASE NOTE THAT i’m STILL below PLASTER AND TREATMENT below DR, Pankaj WALECHA, THE TREATING sawbones.


Please note that i’m holding higher than policy since my retirement from Bank of as Chief Manager since 2015 below traffic jam between Bank of India Company. This was my initial claim below living accommodations treatment within the last four years. the primary and solely bill in four years has been grossly mishandled by your Company. Please be suggested higher than policy has since been revived vide policy number   that is valid until twenty six June, 2020.


I am certain you/your workplace can move with all quality within the matter. Hoping for Associate in Nursing early revert.




Capt. S. N. Suri

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