Policy Bazaar repudiation of real claims with none reasons


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Myself and my family traveled to usa, on a brief trip for twenty days in could 2018.

To protect ourselves throughout this travel amount, taken a travel insurance from bharthi axa referred to as, “smarttraveller essential – us$ 200k” for all the 3 relations individually on could thirteenth 2018.

The higher than mentioned policies bought through policybazaar.com online.


During our trip there have across regarding four incidents of loss that created most of mental trauma for my family throughout travel.


Delay of our bags once we landed initial at new york. Received one amongst our main baggage once 2 and days of landing. As we have a tendency to did not have any native address, had to remain in the big apple for three days to receive the luggage.


once we traveled from urban center to urban center the airlines have lost our bags that they may not trace it even these days. Incidentally the airlines have charged a further 205$ for over weight of 40kgs..


we have a tendency to had lost regarding 1750 money loss too within the higher than mentioned incident of luggage loss, Associate in Nursing in the recommendation of bharti axa client service went and filed grievance straightaway to sfo aerodrome police headquarters for an fir. conjointly filed a supplemental grievance too in continuation of the higher than fir. (The reports clearly states the loss of money and our total baggage by the airlines.)
once we were on drive to edifice place automobile on prescribed automobile parking space, however in opposite facing aspect the conventional native rules/law. thus penalized 35$ for improper parking.

I got repudiation for all my real claims in spite of given all original documents and evidences to bharti axa, while not given any reasons thus far.

I even have been asking them on email for come back of all my documents to intensify this case, i’m however to receive constant. (Ref: mail received below)
i used to be attempting to register this case in their official complaints /grievance registration,

But their web site not operating /accepting complaints (Ref screen shoots below)

I would prefer to get the resolution from bharti axa/policy bazhaar.com


Prof. Raghuraman mahalingam


Bagi travel

To raghuramaiyer, bagi,, me, rama, sharad, bhavishya


Dear sir,

Please advised that we’ve got informed our deposit team to produce United States your claim document so as to come back to you.

We will provide United States update by Mon

Yours sincerely,

Nitin kumar

Claims department

For bharti axa general insurance

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