NetAmbit Insurance Broking India Ltd ICICI prudential guaranteed saving insurance plan


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I got some frequent calls from ICICI prudential claiming they are calling from ICICI head quarters. For some slelective privillaged icici bank customers there is a spl offer going, If invested for 20k in the month dec 2012 will get a scholarship for their children under company CSR responsibility and customer retention scheme.


They calimed on the policy, the investment comes as direct investment. there will not be any broking agency or agent is involved. After i paid premium i got policy document after 1 week of time and in the policy under agent column name mentioned as “Netambit broking agency ltd”.


Then i called to the executive lady who called me to book the policy and asked for some written communication either by mail or authorised letter. She refused to provide information. One more there will not be any cancellation charges if you exit before commencemnt of next premium. At least for that i have requested for confirmation. In the policy docs its cleared mentioned and spoked to customer care everyone saying if you close the policy before free look up period you will get refurn of your money otherwise 100% deductions will be happend.


After that i browsed through consumer complain portal, then i saw lots of complaints againt “M/s Netambit Broking india Ltd”. Now i am decided to close the policy in free look up period.


They are such an extent talented that as a verification call from ICICI their own executives call to you and confirm their false commitments.

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