Netforhealth — scam – dont buy anything


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


My order Id : 297898

And email id :

Ordered on 9 feb 2019


My product status shows processing till now. if i asked they are telling it is in arangement process at 1st time.

after few days they cant find the stock so they will check with new vendor

later one week they told will ship it today noon, evening.but they wont ship it

Given a toll free no.:[protected] – always they wont take the call.i called between one took the call. they will later we are busy in another call. but the number whe i called im getting a ringtone not a busy tone.

they wont refund the amount also.

its a fraud copmany simply advertising the infomration.

dont buy anything in the website :

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