Netplus Broadband — changed my internet plan without my approval


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


My Name is Swapan Monga customer of your netplus internet services. My account id was [protected], and my running plan was OTC0_Speed50_499_100G as on 20 December 2018. On 22 December 2018 i received messaged on my registered mobile number [protected] that new account is created and its detail is [protected]. And on 18 January 2019, i received message that

Your bill has been generated for [protected] and Total Payable amount is Rs.1286 on 16/01/2019.

As my plan was 499 per month and i am getting bill of more than 1200, when i called on customer care they said that they can’t do anything call local operator. So without my knowledge they changed my current plan, account number and all the details. Not a single confirmation was given by me in this issue. Now i kindly request Netplus to solve this problem as all this issue is caused on your side and i dont wanna pay extra money for not my mistake. I hope as a regular customer you will assure me that action will be taken against whoever is culprit here and will not waste my hard earned money. I also want to tell you that i have two netplus internet connection in my family. So i will seriously take action from my side if i get no response from your side.

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