Timbl Broadband — misinformation, fraud and issue


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It has been over a month and our issue is still unresolved. Inspite of constant calls and emails, they keep on updating the issue without taking any action for the same. First, they sold the product without giving us the complete details, then they did not take any action for the internet not working. Then when the month got over, they asked us to recharge the amount and they’ll restore the service for 45 days that was inclusive of the 15 days of service not provided to us. They lied straight because we did the recharge but internet is still not working even after 10 days of payment. We have the recordings of every conversation.


They keep telling us one or another issue and keep demanding more charges to restore the service.

They are simply fooling by giving incomplete information, not listening and looting the customers.


We are a coaching organisation running in prayagraj. Our organization completely depends on internet services. We called up an agent who came by our office and provided us with the unlimited monthly plan on 20th dec’198. We specifically told him that the sole purpose for availing the service is to download the classes that requires unlimited data.

But just after 15 days the internet speed got extremely low ie.in kbps. On enquiry, we were told that we have crossed the fair usage limit ie. 500 gb as per trai. But for the usage above the limit, we should have had subscribed for business plan which was not told by the agent.


This company is a fraud. Please take action

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