Nirmiti Hotels, Clubs & Resorts dishonest and misguided data – fallacious issue


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We were on a vacation in Goa – date:  , we tend to got a scratch coupon by one in all the thus referred to as worker of Nirmiti Resorts.

They invited USA to a edifice name Neelam Grands (Name almost like ‘Nirmiti’ Hotel) on  .They gave USA tour of the edifice, showed USA rooms, restaurants etc and aforementioned it’s their edifice. however to our shock after we enquired next day it had been all false, it had been not their edifice.

Me and my better half went there, their representative explained USA this membership package. They were acting thus suspicious, they didn’t permit USA to travel out, they didn’t permit USA a lot of to use mobile, and that they even did not leave USA alone for a few time to speak.

All that facilities explained within the membership were excellent, however currently once paying half cash, all told their communication and emails they’re keeping all terms and condition that earlier wasn’t mentioned.

They told USA, they need tie-up with several hotels, and that we will book any hotels at any season, as late as seven days earlier to our keep dates, that was terribly promising facility. That was reason we tend to opted for this membership. however currently all told their communication they’re locution we’ve to book a minimum of thirty days before our keep dates and that we need to offer a minimum of three edifice choices.

This is not acceptable, its lie, its fraud.

Also they showed USA the rates of the hotels they need tie-ups with. they aforementioned these square measure actual rates and that we give you a similar hotels in less worth, virtually 40-50% lesser. however once I later checked these edifice rates they’re terribly but what they showed American state. they’re virtually misguiding folks and dishonest  them to shop for this membership that is fallacious.

Membership we tend to bought was – Alternate Year – total quantity – seventy, 000/-,

Paid – 50, 000/- on  

I have been attempting to contact them however unable to contact them, i wrote mails to cancel my membership and refund my cash, they’re not even responding. Please facilitate American state to urge back my cash from these fraud folks.

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