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I have purchased 2 year extended warranty for laptop (Rs. 35, 001 to rs. 50, 000) service from onsitego in the year 2016 (Please find attachment for details) with worth of 4, 499. This warranty will be applicable from june 2017 to may 2019 i. E after company warranty get completed. Recently i given my laptop for serving on date of 11 sep 2018 with detailed complain in mail and they delivered back on 10th oct 2018 (Without informing the resolution steps they made). This means i don’t know what resolution they made to resolve my issues. Before giving the laptop first time, as a customer i informed the representative that the issue with software and it needs system formation at the time of submitting my laptop to the onsite go. However, they didn’t informed while giving back to me.

Issue 1: after receiving my laptop, i found one of my complaint has not been resolved. (System become slow). This is the reason, again i raised complaint and they raised in separate ticket instead of reopen the ticket on dt 13th oct 2018 and they pick up my laptop on 15th oct 2018. This time after spending of 12 days, customer team called me and informed that issue with software and system need formation and asking for licence version of os cd or we will format the system with trail version os that will work for three months. But i informed it is a inbuilt os and i need licence version os only and that is the reason only i perched extended warranty and it should cover in warranty. But they said it will not cover in warranty and asked me to check in web site. However, any terms and conditions in website can be modified any time with out having dual signed copy and while purchasing there is no such conditions i red. This is one issue with them and

Issue 2: they didn’t informed me about software issue at first time they took my laptop for servicing. If they informed at first time i suppose to go for alternative. But they didn’t.

Issue3: even i disagree with their argument, they sent my laptop back to me with out resolving the issue and i denied to take laptop back. Till today onsite people not trying to reach me about the issue. Please suggest me i can i proceed further.



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