OYO Rooms oyo is creating guests fool, they did not refund my cash even when promising they’re going to


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .




I have set-aside Associate in Nursing oyo space for 18 August 2019 – nineteenth August 2019 at lataguri


My order was confirmed and that i have paid the number of 2518 on-line for 3rooms 9 guests


When I visited the building, A board was hanging within the building gate that they do not enable oyo bookings.

I had few words with the hotel keeper and he denied to envision in as a result of oyo do not pay there cash since last 2 months 


Then I had an oral communication with Associate in Nursing oyo inexperienced guest govt, he assigned me another building


Then we tend to visited another building


Even they denied sign on thanks to low tariff


So I had a fight with oyo help that he’s creating us fools and that we were roaming here and there with none assurance that we’ll get an area or not


So I asked for refund and that they aforementioned they’ve initiated my refund.

But that day I did not received any mails

So I referred to as them next day once more.

And then they initiated my refund

Today I got solely 1032 refund and once i am attempting to contact them since yesterday they’re not respondent


I’ve all the recordings proof 

I will send it to you in mail

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