Policy Bazaar received insurance with incorrect details


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .



I have purchased a automobile insurance policy and following details square measure incorrect within the policy document. Following square measure the main points that square measure incorrect.


Current details to be modified

Salutation adult male. Anu makkar mrs. Anu makkar

Previous policy number abc123   

Ncb 0% 50%

Address not updated k-11, double construction, malka 

Ganj, delhi-110007

Cubic capability 1197 1086


I have raised it with the policy bazaar team on dated first of could 2019. The team shared the criticism range as well  .


Since then there’s no update from the team. once creating the payment i did not receive the proper policy document.


Kindly refund the policy quantity or share the proper policy document ASAP.

, Ankush khatri 3 years 0 Answers 103 views 0

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