Raj Travels Indore / Travelyaari — seat number changed without my permission or intimation


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Please note below details –

Booked ticket with raj travels, indore from www.travelyaari.com
Date of booking – 27 jan 2018
Date of travel – 28 jan 2018
Seat number boked – 3
Route – indore to pune
Operator – raj travels, indore

On 28th jan 7:45 got to know that my seat has been changed by raj travels indore from 3 to seat num 15 without any prior intimation and without my concern that too just few minutes before the journey.I asked the operator that he has no rights to change my seat without my concern and then got to know from other people that the operator raj travels has merged the passengers of two buses into one as the other bus’s ticked were not sold out completly.I talked to travelyaari and got a poor response from them like we will get back to you… Please wait… Today is weekend… Concerned team is not working today.

Finally after waiting for almost 1 hour while i was also froced by operator to either sift to seat number 15 or to step down from bus, i got a request from travelyaari that sir please shift to seat number 15 we cannot help you right now, this is operator’s fault but we are helpless at the moment.

I shared my last year’s same experience with travelyaari and other operator and clearly told travelyaari that i won’t move from my seat until and unless they will commit me for compensation (I have asked for 50 %). The executive of travelyaari told me that he cannot assure me of 50 % compensation but yes travelyaari will give some compensation onto this.As usual, today mornig called travelyaari and spoke to manger and now they are trying to ignore the issue and are not saying anything regarding compensation.I have the call recordings with me.If travelyaari would have said straight away at the time of journey that we cannot give you any compensation then i would have challenged the opeator and would not have left the seat but just on there commitment i have changed the seat and now travelyaari and raj travels are cheating me.

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