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Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


This is any to the varied correspondences I had together with your executives Ms. Varsha (Mob.   and adult male. Virat Mishra (Mob. . I provide below the sequence of events:


I got a quotation from your workplace for Darjeeling trip.  I felt happy continuing with the trip seeing the itinerary.


But the air fares weren’t at intervals my budget and that i had sent a mail speech communication that permit American state not proceed with this.


Mr. Virat introduced himself on twenty ninth March and discovered a proposal for air fare likewise as edifice and sight seeing that came to around Rs. 65000/- total package.


I was glad and gave my concurrence on weekday the thirtieth March around eight.00 p.m.  He directly asked American state transfer Rs. 50000/- towards flight booking. In fact, I asked him in the future however he aforementioned fares can go up. i’m forced to form the payment constant day around ten.30 p.m. through Phonepe (enclosed) and forwarded the payment slip additionally.  He asked American state to attend and was mum the full Sunday. Suddenly, he referred to as American state on Monday speech communication the flight charges have accrued from Rs. 46500/-to Rs. 72500/- that isn’t reasonable in the least.


I have been au courant that twenty third can get subtracted as per company policy. it’s very stunning to American state. there’s no mention regarding the corporate policy / deduction in your itinerary that is additionally closed in.


Advance Payment Policy:

30 days or additional Before date of departure : five hundredth of Total value.

29-24 Days Before Date of Departure : eightieth of total value.

21-19 Days Before Date of Departure: 100% of Total value.


My journey date was might eleventh to fourteenth and created the advance payment well before.  


I have done no matter you asked however suddenly deducting the money is minatory.  That too, while not booking, why cancellation?


I thought of referring your agency to my colleagues likewise as relations. however can I do now? is that this client satisfaction?  


I would wish to maintain sensible relationship together with your agency.  As such, please transfer Rs. 11500/- (Rs. 50000 less Rs. 38500/- already refunded) to my account. we tend to hail from a class family. Kindly oblige.

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    My self Bhargav Goradiya from gujrat and that i purchase package for area and darjeeling. first virat mishra gave Maine best itenary(froud)me.And he told Maine i will be able to pay initial 5000/- for booking, once i might transfer his account he tellme transfer for air fare i might transfer his account 50000/- by rtgs on same day.But he dont ensure air price tag and building voucher.then i might cancelled my package and refund my cash then he told Maine currently do not refund cash.i pay this fraud company total quantity of package five hundredth a lot of quantity.thereafter he wasn’t glad cheating with Maine.(1)he told Maine in nova however gave Maine wagaon-r(2).he told Maine provides a 3star building however provide Maine 2star building.(3)he provide Maine complementary breakfast and dinner however once I reach at gangtok i used to be appalled do not complementary with dinner, solely breakfast.(4) He cancelled another places once we need to travel for sightsinh nearly he provide U.S. in package.i would additional buy see it.(5) and last once I asked for bill, dont reply until yesterday, and these days he told Maine currently he dont provides a bill for tour.He nearly collect gst cash.
    RIde travel club may be a wrongdoer and froud company.I request to tourisum department to cancled his licence and take sction against him.
    Dont take any packages online from any company

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