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Today (17.05.2019) my operation in shalby for ceptoplasty with dr hardik Shah of Iran.

At three :00 pm. My admission time was 9:00 am.

But until time i’m waiting at outside, admission employees spoken language that stay up for one hour from 9:00 am.


Its 1:22 pm, however no any answer. conjointly all procedure done from my aspect payment too.

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    Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    1. Rules say that a visitant has to purchase visitant passes at the time of entry, however it’s been discovered that there is no checking for guests returning late night. Whereas shouting on guests for irrelevant things.
    2. Dietitians prompt to supply recent milk, however hospital employees refused to hold a similar to the patient, infact seized the fruit at the gate.
    3. Visitor’s raise has high rush. though there is total 3 lifts (Separately for guests, patients, hospital service staffs), nonetheless visitor’s raise is being employed by hospital staffs for alternative services, that any creates rush on one raise.
    4. impolite staff, no directions of rules and rules. Food pricey, no low-cost accommodation facilities for patient’s relationship.

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