Shalby Hospitals surgery of articulatio plana fracture


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This is regarding shalby hospitals jaipur,

This is the case of my father, he features a fracture in his articulatio plana. first of all after we build appointment with doctor, the doctor did not completed the fracture and gave solely medicines, even the guardian asked for creating associate degree x-ray however the doctor refused for x-ray and same there’s no want. What quite dr he’s, United Nations agency do not know a way to diagnose fracture. terribly dangerous expertise.

Second time after we visited hospital he created x-ray on asking multiple times by us  and so found fracture and same for operation. when operation he even did not applied plaster on the operated broken half.

What variety of hospital it’s and what quite doctors area unit these United Nations agency do not know there jobs. Very bad, shame on doctors.

One key learning is that ne’er select new hospital in any town and on massive hospitals.

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