Sotc Travel Company accident


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Sotc is definitely not serving its customer the way it says” it’s a chor company”! We had very bad experiences for continuous three years and in spite of that we had not learnt our lesson and the fourth and the last trip with these fraud people was last year 2017.

They hired such expert drivers for a customized tour from austria to budapest for us (That is what they say), the expert driver slept while driving on a highway to vienna in the morning it was a 4 hr drive and after completing two hr of drive sotc expert driver slept and the car met with an accident. It got dashed with two more cars and then hit the railing, thankfully the railing was existing or else we wld have toppled and got thrown into the lake.

We were traveling with our two daughters 14 and 17 yrs, we all got badly injured with bruises and fractures and my husband was the worst in all of us, he was unconscious for few seconds and his back his ribs got fractured, he was not able to walk or sit. It was the most scariest thing i had witnessed.

Sotc team instead of helping us out, laid their hands of the entire mishap.. We were asked to pay all the bills in the hospital in spite of insurance been taken. The mental trauma my whole family faced just because their driver slept while driving. My children couldn’t sleep for nights and were in shock for several days.

Instead sotc asked us to rebook our tkts on our own expenses and to fly back.

The best part is yet to come my husband was on a complete bed rest for 3 months. We requested to give us back our refund, of the incomplete trip which we did not finish due to the negligence of sotc. We had not yet asked for the compensation and the insurance amount also from sotc, it was just our refund amount. Inhumanity of the team and the audacity of sotc they had not even apologized once for taking us into this trauma.. But refused to refund our amount also as they said we had already prepaid so we cannot refund it back to you. This is what they promise us before taking us for a trip that “you are in safe hands”

I am thankful to god we are safe and under the-roof of our house but it still haunts us, especially my children.. And our lives are not the same as it use to be.. My husband after a year still has problem with his back.

This i have written not to get back any amount from this fraud company sotc but to warn people who put their hard earn money to make their dreams come true as what they say.. Please check re check before you plan a trip with them. Don’t risk your life, it’s precious than anything in this world.

Our tour operator were praveen reddy and nadeem who is the head operator.

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