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I booked a Suite A/C Double room at Araku valley( Vihar Holiday Inn resort) through a website Stayzilla for 23rd and 24th Jan, 2016. I made a payment of 287 Rs online and was asked to make the remaining payment at the hotel at the time of check in. I got a confirmation message and a mail with all the details of the room booked. Immediately, I confirmed a private cab to come down to my place.


After 15 mnts, I got a call from Stayzilla stating that the room booked at Vihar holiday inn is not available and will show us alternates. They gave us an alternate to stay at some hotel in a Non A/C room. I surfed the internet and found that the hotel is not good.


They are making their business by fooling people. They spoiled my entire plan. My family is disappointed and I ended up paying the travels.


I have the proof of their confirmation sent to me.

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