Travel Guru — Cancelled hotel booking without notice


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We had booked a hotel room in the Byke Hotel, Matheran and had paid 17, 010 rupees for the same through this website. We got an email confirming the booking from the site.


Imagine our shock when we reached the hotel to find that our room had never been booked. It was a mistake made by travelguru. We tried calling there but no one picked up our call for over an hour. We sat there, tired and confused.


Finally we talked to a Mr. Harshal(team leader) and he said that since it was peak season, it was impossible to get another hotel room and even travelguru couldn’t find another hotel for us. He said we would get our refund back and a compensation of 4000 rupees.


We had to go back home the same day. We didn’t even get our refund back for weeks. They kept our money for such a long time without booking anything. That’s actually a crime.


We had planned our holiday, closed our respective businesses and taken leaves from our jobs. And thanks to travelguru, we couldn’t enjoy our vacation. It was a nightmare.


It’s been over a month now. We haven’t gotten our compensation yet. Whenever we call, Mr. Harshal would conveniently be on a leave or they wouldn’t pick up our call.

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