Sterling Holiday Resorts — False commitments and irresponsible sales executives not answering calls


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I am lodging this complaint for my dad. He is an elderly gentleman and sought help of Mr.Hari from your organization for membership and he bought a membership for around 300000/- even after I repeatedly insisted not to enroll with you people. He promised that we get a complimentary stay at any of your locations but we never got that and used our points twice to book rooms and organized our trip.


Recently, my dad contacted Mr.Hari regarding the complimentary stay that he promised while this product was sold. He redirected us to another person and he denies us of such complimentary offer with our membership. Adding to our woe, he claims that we cannot even use our points to book any rooms stating that we have run out of points(for just two bookings in two years). Furthermore, he is not answering our calls now. I would like someone to look into this issue ASAP as my dad is terribly worried about the money and time he has wasted.


Customer Id: 1216164

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