Sterling Holiday Resorts — Membership cancelled didn’t get refund yet


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I am really tired to chase down you guys. Its just like i have no other work then chase you again and again.

What can i do that i had my 22000/- stuck with you and have to chase you guys.


Now i cancelled whole thing and again they told me that your cancellation in with western region gave me Mumbai office No.,

Mumbai office gave me Ahmedabad office no. and now after speaking with Ahmedabad office to Mr Mustafa and Mr Vishal they told me to mail Feedback @ sterling.


Its almost three months till now since I have asked for my cancellation of membership… they havenot sent me a cancellation mail and returned my money..this is last try otherwise i will forwarding legally to defend …and should put about their attitudes in social media and make aware public not fall into such companies..


this is my last mail for Sterling Holidays.


You cant keep up with the promise do not make promises.

Hiten Rathod 5 years 0 Answers 160 views 0

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