Sterling Holiday Resorts — Fraud by company and non refund of dues.


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Sir here i am sending you dispute and detail wirtten :


Sterling holidays resorts (India) ltd.

Scf 63, 64 1st floor, above reliance fresh,

Phase 10, sector 64, sahibzada ajit singh nagar,

Punjab – 160062



I came to know about your company on internet advertisement to which i opened after that a call was came to me after that on dated[protected] mr. Bhavesh kakkar and ashish came to me at my residence 86 preet vihar nabha. They described about the company and insist me to fill the form i requested them to give your brochure so that i can read in detail then made my mind to enroll but they insist and told that they come far away from chandigarh company had spent on them more over after enrollment you can cancel your membership and can have refund your dues in full with in 10 days. Then they told me to pay required payment i refused to do so. I told them i will make my mind after discussion in home and inform you after some days but they were real clever sales persons finally they fill the form then i asked them to fill the form completely but they insist me to sign and said that the vacant form will filled in office and insist to sign. Then they told me to make payment which i made by credit card rs. 55, 000/- and through debit card rs. 35, 315/-. They described many offers like gift voucher of rs. 2750/- a certificate was given to me in this regard after that they told me again that don’t worry if you will be not interested you can cancel it within10 days and avail your membership benefits up to 1 year after that you can cancel this membership and stop emi. I called at your toll free no.[protected] and given contacts on visiting card given by bhavesh kakkar but no response have been given i shocked and feel cheated. Then to safe myself i wrote a mail to cancel membership on the given e-mail address but after that no response came to me either on messages, phone call or between only one phone call attend at your mohall office on dated[protected] but answer was not satisfactory (Abhi toh 2-4 din hi hoye hai paper or call aa jayeinge). After that i wrote many e-mails letters and made calls at your given contacts, toll free no. And given e-mail address to cancel and refund my dues but no action and response has been given still now. One day i visited at your mohall office their i met manju she asked me to fill the feedback form which i filled and wrote to cancel and refund dues manju insured me to take immediate action but after that no response came from her. After that i made many phone calls and whatsapp messages to bhavesh only once he told me that my work is to sale the product i could not do anything on this matter. I received membership kit 1224989 after three – four months and gift voucher after 9 months. After that mr. Sandeep chaudhary contact me at my mobile no. And told me to take action in this regard but after that no phone calls, messages or mails answered by him. Finally on dated[protected] mr. Harvinder singh and sachin malik came …2…

To me at my office rajindra hospital patiala. They tried to convince me not to cancel membership i appreciate their attempt but i gave them in written on their feedback form to cancel membership and refund dues as early. Harvinder insured me to take action in my favor so that my faith on company remains forever. Beside all of above you are sending messages regarding emi on my cell phone. It too irritating i had stopped payment to you against cheque no. 570103 and 570104 of amount rs. 7409 on dated[protected]. A message was came from you to make stopped payment then i wrote by e-mail that since 2 december 2015 i am writing to cancel membership and refund my dues rather than you want more due payment from me after that a shocked message came to me on dated 7/01/2017 that you have debited rs. 7409/- from my account it is totally cheating by company. It is intimated to you again that since[protected] your company and your employees are cheating, misguiding and mentally harassing me. I again writing you to cancel membership, refund my dues and stop debiting of emi through ecs from my account with immediate case of any physical and mentally miss happening to me your company and your employees will be responsible and i have to take legal action against you and your employees.


Cheated & harassed customer by you


Rajesh kumar.


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