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Hi, this is with reference to my booking for manali holidays @treebo celebrity hotel resort di89, behind club house, vpo old manali. We had subscribed for

Two rooms 1) 8/6/2018 – 11/6/2018 & 2) 8/6/2018 to 15/06/2018.

This is with reference to mandatory meal charges of rs2500/- per room per day. According to mamta madam we were upgraded& sent to vijan hospitality hotel (Celebrity hotel)@ manali, which is quite far & interiror to treebo celebrity. All four of us used to have breakfast together. Either it would be an omlette or fried eggs or parathas, just one each. Dinner for all four of us was 1 dish of rice /dal & 1 veg or chichekn. Total cost of entire breakfast and dinner per day for all four of us would cost rs1000/- (On the higher side) as per vijan hospitality menu plan, for which we paid five thousand rupees per day for three days and two thousand five hundred for the next 4 total we paid rs22500/- for food which was exorbitantly

Overcharged and cheated. There was no buffet laid down for breakfast or dinner. I personally feel that this pricing is very unfair and you should take up

The matter with the hotel. We were totally disappointed and felt cheated. Where the costing of food pricing is done. Since we paid rs22500/- for food we have not consumed food of rs.10000/- (Which i am calculating at a higher side. I request you and urge you once gain to look into this matter and refund the balance amount of rs.15000/-. Awaiting for your positive revert.

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