Swiggy order forcefully cancelled and abused us


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Sagar on Jan 14, 2019 Submit a Complaint

In a recent incident which happened on 13-01-19, i just come know that swiggy is not willing to work in dehradun anymore because after reporting of this incident to police and mayor, i am sure swiggy will have to wind from here.

Now let me tell you about the incident. My brother ordered something which swiggy accepted and was not able to deliver and forced us to cancel the order but my brother insisted that swiggy must have first confirmed the order then they should have accepted his order. Not only this, i will also quote a number which ibam also sending to police department because there were 2-3 people, one from swiggy and i think others were of chahat restaurant staff. They asked my brother for another mob. No. And after that they misbehaved and abused him and also threatened him and asked him to meet somewhere. I also talked to them, you can check the recording of around 10:00 to 11: 30. They were drunk and abuse us.

So what message will this incident convey to the public of dehradun you can easily imagine. Either you take actiom against those people or you be prepared for lose of your business share form dehradun because i am not going to stop until i got proprer action against those drunkards.

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