Zomato troll chat, ‘technical difficulty’ and no help from them.


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Kamtekar on Jan 14, 2019 Submit a Complaint

So i was trying to place an order from zomato at 11:11pm, i chose ‘simpl’ as my payment (Pay later app) and pressed the ‘place the order’ button amounting 380.25rs (Using zomato coupon). The payment loading sign appeared and then the same ‘place order’ page came instead of ‘your order is placed’ page. I tried placing order 3 times by removing items and adding again before i couldn’t because it said i can’t use the coupon more than 3 times a day. I then checked my simpl payment history and found 380.25rs charge being charged to me 3 times! And then i checked zomato order history and found no order placed. I immediately contacted zomato and this is the conversation that took place and my main reason for filing this complaint. He said there was a technical difficulty on their side and that’s why this happened, they told me to contact the restaurant (As you can tell clearly from the pictures) i contacted the restaurant (Tehal singh sector 22) and explained everything to them and they said no such order is placed and showing and told me to contact zomato about this. I told this thing in the chat but the troll or whoever is sending me those messages kept sending the same computer message over and over again. 30-40 mins later i get a call from the delivery guy saying he’s assigned to delivery my items to me but in his app only my name and details are showing and no order details or items are showing in the app. Now i explained everything to him too and asked him to contact zomato and tell them everything including this chat problem and i’m yet to hear from the delivery guy or zomato. This is frustrating, rude and extremely stressful. All i wanted to do was order some food on lohri night to celebrate it. Instead i got in this loophole where i’m charged 380.25rs x3 times and my order isn’t even placed and zomato chat is just trolling me and being unresponsive and absolutely not helpful for me. I don’t want them to fire the guy doing it or something. I don’t want to cost him his job, all i want is my refund, apology from them, compensation for the loss of my time, energy and money and a warning to the guy who was talking to me on zomato chat.

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