Tci Xps delay in product delivery


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I am frequent client. My merchandise ar transported from Pure and Cure, Akums medicine & Pharmaceutical Ltd, Haridwar, Uttarakhand to Genozed Formulations, Calicut, Kerala.

Your service was sensible, and delivery was either on time or one day previous actual. that’s you wont to deliver in seven days from Haridwar to Calicut.


Since the last 30-40 days the shipments ar delayed for quite seven days. currently it’s taking quite fourteen days for cargo to achieve Calicut from Haridwar.

Also I found merchandise ar being idle for 2-3 days at your hubs at Ambala and Nelmangala.

For example, I even have a current cargo with docket number    lying idle at Ambala Hub since 08:55 hrs 25-Aug-2019, that is quite fifty two hours!!!

My cargo is medical specialty and such delay can not be tolerated.

I have referred to as to your toll free number    doubly and registered my grievance. nonetheless no actions has been taken.


I am seriously thinking of shift on to a special supply partner. Please do what you’ll be able to to resolve this issue.

I have 2 additional consignments comming from Haridwar with you. If those 2 ar delayed, then i will be able to modification the transporter.



Shahbaz Ahamed

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