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I traveled in the bus with the service no 1006 / BNGCHANDAPUR-JBS on 29thJan 2019, I was alloted seat number 13 in the bus, following are my ticket details

Ticket No :60458579        Uid Number :1841

Service Code/Name :      1006 / BNGCHANDAPUR-JBS

Service Category:             SUPLUX

From :   HEBBAL OPP TO PS          To :         JADCHERLA

Pickup Point :     HEBBAL OPP TO PS


Date of Journey :              29-Jan-2019

Depart On :         29-Jan-2019 20:45

No. of Seats :      1 ( Adults: 1 Children: 0 )

Arrival On :30-Jan-2019 05:30


There were other passengers who traveled in the same bus.Some have advanced booked their ticket while others bought their ticket in the bus itself.

I had placed my two bags over my seat in the deck

*There was one cloth bag with blankets and other clothes

* Second bag is a travel bag,

Brand : LEVIYA,

Colour :Balck and Violet,

it has one compartment for a laptop and two other compartment for clothes and stationary materials.I was carrying a laptop, some clothes, three books, one pouch with stationery items and a second pouch with an external

Hard drive.

I casually checked the deck when the bus stopped at Kurnool Bus Stand and found my Travel bag missing.

I found another bag in its place which I submitted it at the ‘Outpost of Kurnool 4th Town Police Station’ at the Bus Stand.

I request you to provide me the details of the passengers who have booked their tickets in advance, I can at least check with them if they have misplaced their bag with mine.

Also Please check with the bus drivers of the particular bus if they have got any enquiry regarding a missing bag or a bag they mistakenly took with them.

Yours Sincerely

Annapureddy Dheeraj Reddy,

H.No M.I.G 136,

A.P.H.B colony, Miryalaguda, Nalgonda

P.B no : 508207

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