Urbanclap — damage caused to ac by urban clap’s certified, verified and expert technician


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


After scrutinising they informed us that the mother board is faulty and it needs repairing. That they would take 2 days to do this.

When they came back with the motherboard to set it back in place they ended up blowing it entirely – the very motherboard that they told they needed to fix. At this they said that the fan needs fixing and it would cost me around 6k.

We today got contact of a Samsung certified technician to look into it. What we got to know is that they had wrongly wired up the board causing this damage. Additionally they had even short-circuited the compressor.

It is now going to cost me quite a lot to get this back to working condition. A proper replaceable motherboard would not be found and the compressor would need changing. The estimates add up to around 8-9k.

The damage is purely caused by their so called reliable, verified and certified technician. I want some action to be taken against these people.

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