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Komal Kohli on Jan 21, 2019 Submit a Complaint

We bought top loading whirlpool fully automatic washing machine in OCT-2014. It worked well for one year as mentioned in the warranty. But from the last month, there was a heavy sound in the spin tub while rinsing and spinning.

We lodged a complaint in whirlpool customer center they said that two year warranty period was over so inspection charge will be Rs 350/-. I accepted it and their person came to our home and checked the machine and confirmed that the sound is due to the bearing problem. And also said barring must be replaced. And said the cost is around Rs 9800/- that also comes with only 2 months warranty. On hearing this I was shocked because actually we use only liquid detergent to wash the clothes and in my home only there are two-person clothes will be washed once a week. I asked him why the quality is so poor; he said all the washing machine of this company will work only for the mentioned warranty year afterward all problems will occur. Please don’t buy a whirlpool washing machine.

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