Xrbia relating to refund


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


From, Priyanka Vishwakarma,   

To, Xrbia Developers Ltd.


Dear Sir/ Madam, 

I had reserved flat on 07/01/2019 Flat no. C-17. I actually have off the flat thanks to some personal downside (Left my job).


I already told my downside to your sales person adult male. Raj & Mr. Sachin however they aforementioned i’ll not get any refund. I told them to deduct 1-2 the costs from the paid quantity and refund the balance as i’m in would like of fund. You individuals haven’t told Pine Tree State something relating to cancellation charges. it’s your duty to tell client relating to terms and conditions. I send mail to customercarevangani.com however didn’t get any reply.

If you’re not progressing to refund then write your stationery that you just won’t refund my quantity. 

This is my last reminder if I didn’t get any reply from your aspect then i’ll take necessary any action.

Awaiting your prompt response.


Priyanka vishvakarma 

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