You Broadband India — broadband feasibility not available still payment deducted.


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I’m located in ahmedabad, gujarat.We went to a vodafone store last month and the marketing guy there offered a plan for the vodafone – youbroadband plan.

We were looking the internet plan so after some follow up we tried to go ahead with.

Earlier in this year we also checked with some youbroadband team for the feasibility and the said that in the building we have office situation is not feasible for the connection.Now, team member from vodafone store paldi visited the office, and his before visit we asked them to check the feasibility first, we sent them complete address and they said that the connection is available or not. So they checked with their team of you broad band and they confirmed that they will be able to give me the broad band line on our office. We tried to double check but once there was a written proof from the technical team of you broadband then we did not have to worry about and now as that is vodafone you broadband i thought that we don’t have to worry about when the brand name is vodafone being a customer of vodafone mobile services since last 10+ years.Now, everything was done beginning of this month, we given a cheque payment to that person and they said that it’ll be done approximately before 4th of this month. Within that time we observed that you broadband technicians are facing the issues in the installation on our building as there was not any direct connection available and they have to bring new fiber till our office and that requires further approval blah.. Blah.. Blah.. Now after so much follow up of that vodafone team member who came visited our office and done all formalities we first ask them to figure this out then we spoke to the manager of that store and they explained that they are facing difficulties and it’ll be done soon.Yesterday finally i was desperate, b’coz vodafone already deducted the fund from my bank account as we already given the cheque for the procedure and tried calling to vodafone person to provide me date but that looks next to impossible now and he connected me to mr. Nagesh who is sitting on the iscon branch (Gulmahor) of you broadband. Initially he is the guy who sent the report that it is feasible in your building now what he is trying to explain that there is no feasibility. I asked the same question again and again that why initially there was feasibility and now it not suddenly. After some talk he hangup the phone with some rude answer. Being a customer if that is not going to happen the i will definitely ask for the refund as vodafone can not keep my money with they will not be able to install it at my place on timely fashion, then he said that it’ll take 15 days to process the funds and all…When it was feasible then only i started the procedure. And now how can you say that it’s not feasible?Nagesh seems to be non-responsible employee in your organization and was yelling on the phone even, when he understood that he was on fault.I want to answer on following things.1) i want to refund this within 24/48 hrs. Does not matter what the policies of vodafone / you broadband. As if you guys can not keep your words and then you’re talking about the policies that will not make any sense at all.

2) i want all of you guys to request you that why you have a team member who is actually making the image of your organizations dull. Take proper action against him as he does not seems to be a responsible guy.

3) and how can you deduct the fund when there is no feasibility?

I’m expecting a phone call from anyone who have the required courtesy to answer my questions and answer my questions above, before i actually place a complaints on internet.

My details.

Crs no # 9 7 8 7 3 0Mr. Nagesh is the concern person who gave wrong / false information and my cheque was deposited. Mr. Nagesh contact number is +91 [protected] as what i received.

I would say non responsible employee, even he does not have courtesy to talk with customer, and not even apologies on phone. He was speaking like he is the boss and as a customer we can do whatever we could. How anyone will stop speaking on phone when we were on phone, and last said that we can’t do anything and explaining me the company policy..? Don’t you have the policies before approaching the customer? If i’m suffered then definitely there will be so may other suffer from this team also, ensure that on your end.Take a time to read and understand which is the level of your service you are providing. Either you don’t have right people / right company collaborated with, or you change the standard of the service you are providing.I’m writing this by wasting all my working time when i regularly doing my office work, but since i’ve given you the application even in office i have to keep calling you guys to understand what the status is. That’s not something i thought of when i initially paid for this.

Please take required action, as being a customer we could not tolerate this kind of nonsense.


Jigar shah

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