Zookr.in damaged smart watch


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I have ordered a smart watch for my kid on 28th of december 2018 and received it on 2nd january 2019 but when i checked it was not working. They said its a touch and have many functions like sim, hd camera etc. But nothing is working in that.

I am unable to charge it, unable to go to any setting or anything like that because the touch screen is not working at all.

I mailed to them at “help@zookr.in” & care@zookr.in and have also tried calling them on “[protected]” but no one has responded properly or till now nobody is responding.

I even tried it today but no one responding to it.

They have done a big fraud to me and for that unworthy, damaged and bad product i paid 1699 and its a very huge loss of us because we are very average people.

Please try to justify our issue and get my amount from them and will be very grateful & thankful to you forever.


, sri uma 5 years 0 Answers 270 views 0

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