Amity Business School — delay in refund of payment made to sap program


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


My brother tannu kapoor enrollment no: [protected]), applied for sap program and paid rs. 2, 50, 000 on 17th feb 2018


But till now dated august 1, 2018 we did not recieved our refund back. My brother and me are consecutively making frequesnt calls and sending emails to the concerned deparment heads and they say they had passed on our querry to the accounts department and this is happeneing from a very long time, i called the department head to ask for the accounts department number but they say they are not authorize to give us there phone numbers.


This is becoming really dissapointing and we are loosing our patience still i make a humble request to please refund the money as soon as possible and dont let us face anymore inconvenience.


Thank you, your sincerly

Ankur kapoor

Ankur Kumar Kapoor 5 years 0 Answers 218 views 0

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