Amity University – Rics – Mba (Real Estate And Urban Infrastructure) — amity university scam!!


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Hii everyone!

I have been facing the same problem that after spending lakhs on my mba from amity university rics.

I have got 5.8 in all three semesters and now in the 4th semester becouse i’ve got 5.6 and now they are not giving me my degree because i am not having cgpa more than 6.

Now, they want me to fill supplementary exams costing rs.1000 per paper and at the end they also put

Fine, if you are filling it late!

E 1000 per paper will turn on to 1500 per paper.

Amity suck!!

If someone can take any action against them and teach a lesson to that how to respect the emotions of the students.

Never join amity university!!

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